Toastee toast style messages plugin example

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Toastee is a super light-weight jQuery plugin (4kb) for creating simple toast-like messages.

Toastee comes with a few options built in, including:

To use Toastee, include jQuery and the toastee plugin on your page and then bind it to an element.

                /*  In your HTML  */


<div id="my-toast-location" style="position: fixed; top; 0; right: 20px;"></div>

/* In your JS file */ (function($){ $('#my-toast-location').toastee(); })(jQuery);

Each toast type can have it's own set of options.


                        type: 'success',
                        header: 'Toastee',
                        message: 'Got Butter?',
                        color: 'yellow',
                        background: '#FFBB00',
                        width: 100,
                        height: 200,
                        fadeout: 500